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"Wheatens for Show Sport and Leisure"

Puppies expected May 2023

Our Kennel name was registered by FC1 in 2003 and up till now, 2023, we have bred 17 litters.

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Breeder's groups from Breed Specialty "Wheaten Festivalen"

Our aim is to breed wheatens according to the breed standard with typical temperament and of good health. Many of our dogs have received high results i show, obedience, rally obedience, agility, nosework, game-tracking and freestyle.

Puppies are delivered at the earliest age of 8 weeks and with paperwork accordig to the Swedish Kennel Club's regulations. Furthermore the puppy is vaccinated and chip marked and has undergone health examination by veterinarian. Insurance will also cover hidden faults for three years.

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We have exported puppies for show and breeding to USA, Canada, Great Britain, Finland and Norway, namely:

Buckwheat Emperor over the Sea

CACH Buckwheat Jonaire Benjamin Bouncer

Celtic Winner Buckwheat Jadis O´Kellynack

Buckwheat Little Fox in Socks

Buckwheat Tiffany Case



Kennel Buckwheat has received Diploma from the Swedish Kennel Club, SKK, as breeders of several dogs having gone through Mentality test, BPH.


Dogs from our Kennel have been exported to breeders in Canada, USA and Great Britain.