Kennel Buckwheat

Welcome to Kennel Buckwheat! - Wheatens for Show, Sport and Leisure

My name is Boel Rosenlund, owner of Kennel Buckwheat. I live just outside Stockholm, Sweden,
together with my husband Knutte and two wheaten terriers.
We have two grown-up children, Edit and Elof, 27 & 25 years of age.

Our dogs:
Lovehill's Barbie Girl ("Mascot"), our foundation bitch, 2000-01-12 - 2014-05-06
Multi Ch Buckwheat Helga Hufflepuff ("Trulsa), daughter of Mascot, 2004-02-01 - 2014-05-06
These two girls will always be remembered with great love.
Ch Buckwheat Miss Moneypenny ("Penny"), daughter of Trulsa, born 2006-08-03
Multi Ch Buckwheat Little Dorrit ("Pyret"), daughter of Penny, born 2009-01-08
Buckwheat Little Girl with a Curl ("Pingla"), daughter of Pyret, born 2015-01-09
Multi Ch Windisle Inycon ("Casper"), 2001-11-03 - 2014-12-18.
Forever in our hearts...

As we lost Mascot and Trulsa in May 2014, we only have Pyret and Pingla at home.
Trulsa was Edit's dog and when we lost her we decided that Penny should go and live
with Edit and her fiancé.

We also keep a number of dogs for breeding and showing purposes, they live with private families.

My dog-life started already in the sixties, the breeds in those days were wire- and
longhaired dachshunds.

Studies, career with lots of travelling and not the least raising a family made it impossible for me
to have dogs for many years. So when we finally decided our breed, the planning had taken several years,
and I may say that the choice of Irish Softcoated Wheaten Terrier has never been regretted!

The Kennel and the dogs are a way of living, Knutte is my invaluable "kennel boy", what would a breeder
do without one?

Edit had a successful career as a Junior Handler, reached the Swedish Finals in 2003.
She has judged Junior handling and held many handling classes. She is co-owner of my kennel.

Edit at Kennel Hobel's in England, 2006.

In my professional life, I work as Senior Manager, negotiating documentaries and cultural
programmes at SVT, Swedish Public Broadcaster. Knutte is also in the television business,
working as an independent producer.

The dogs are of course my major interest in my free time, but I also enjoy reading,
cooking, gardening and decorating. Keeping the web-site updated has also become a great interest,
many thanks to our son Elof who taught me how to do it and also created his web-site.

Start breeding the Wheaten Terrier was a very thorough decision, finding the kennel name was mere luck!
We were looking for a short and catchy kennel name, preferably with some association to the breed's name
but could not find anything new or original.

However, one day, Edith read out loud the label on one sack of dog food, "Buckwheat",
that would be the name of our Kennel!
Luckily enough, FCI agreed, and our kennel name was registered in the spring of 2003..
Uptil 2015 we have raised 13 litters.

My Dog life includes several classes in breeding, genetics, anatomy, raising puppies etc.
I am trained B-figurant for Mental Tests and also Ring Steward for Dog shows.
I was Board member of the Stockholm Division of the Swedish Club for Irish Softcoated
Wheaten Terrier for several years and am breed counsellor since 2009.

Our dogs have attended classes in general and advanced obedience, game-tracking, agility
rescue and rally obedienced.

Trulsa and I compete in agility and game-tracking, Mascot and competed in obedience.

Casper and I competed in rally obedience and three of our dogs, Casper, Trulsa and Pyret
gained the title Swedish Game-tracking champion!

Both Edit and I trim the Irish Softcoated Wheaten Terrier and welcome new customers depending on time.