Chaz drar västerut!/Chaz goes West!

Dagen "D", 16 maj, sedan länge inbokad, flyttar Buckwheat Emperor over the Sea,
Chaz, till Marie van Iderstine och kennel Almar, Buffalo, New York.

Namnet är dubbelt "fyndigt", Emperor over the Sea är ju en Narnia-karaktär,
samtidigt som Emperor ju betyder "kejsare" liksom Kaiser!
Och "over the Sea" är ju inte så knepigt att lura ut....

12 veckor är nu till ända med denne charmerande gentleman,
här nedan några bilder från hans sista vecka i Sverige:

One of our puppies, Buckwheat Emperor over the Sea, Chaz, moves to
Marie van Iderstine and kennel Almar, Buffalo, New York.

His name is somewhat of a pun, Emperor over the Sea is a Narnia character besides
the name Emperor means Kaiser in English!(Nb Kaiser is nick name for Chaz'
father Wheaten My Love Learning ABC) And "over the Sea" is quite obvious, right?

12 weeks have passed quickly with this charming gentleman and below
some pictures from his last week in Sweden:

Pictures shot between May 8 and 16

Last week-end in Sweden was spent in our summer house in South Sweden, a long trip by car,
7 hours each direction, and a good preparation for his upcoming journey to the US.

Jady, Chaz and Penny.

Chaz by himself

Jady and Chaz

Sweet Moneypenny with Chaz

Chaz in our back garden

Grandpa Casper takes over baby-sitting my sister Jady

Wheatens all over...

"D"day, 0500 am, no time for "snooze"!

Breakfast went down easily

On a stroll with Edit, shivering cold and rainy!

My home for today

Curiously watching out airport activities

Bye, bye Sweden!

Bye, bye Mum!

Safe beside the ice bucket, but where are the bubbles?

PS Many thanks to Debbie Dunagan at Marlöten's Quarantine for all your help in arranging Chaz' journey "over there"!